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Pro Silva Annual General Meeting 2021

“Forests in Europe need a paradigm shift”

Due to Covid 19 the Annual Meeting 2020 in Luxembourg had to be postponed and deferred to 2022. Unfortunately, the meeting had to be cancelled again, but in its place the first virtual Annual General Assembly meeting and the Annual Board of Directors meeting were held virtually, allowable with one year delay in accordance with the constitution.

Important changes were put in place at this meeting to take effect for period 2021-2023:

Changes of Consitution

After changes of the constitution were accepted by the meeting an extended executive board with additional 6 members was established. The role and position of associated members and the administrator were more clearly defined.

New Board Members

In the election of the Executive Board Members for the period 2021 – 2024, Eckart Senitza (Austria) was votes as president for another 3year term. Dr. Tomáš Vrška from Czech Republic, who now is leading the research forest of the Mendel University in Brno, and Dr. Dušan Roženbergar, who is teacher and scientist at the Chair for Silviculture at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, Slovenia, were selected as vice-presidents. Serge Reinardt, a forest practitioner from Luxemburg was elected as new Treasurer and the Padraig O’Tuama, a forest consultant from Ireland, continues as secretary for another term.

The extended executive board, consisting of ProSilva member from different countries, was appointed to support the board each with a different backgrounds and specialities.

Anne Crespin, who works for Forêt.Nature in Belgium, will support the board in the role of administrator with specific job and building contacts in EU in Brussels. Alex Held, a prominent specialist for forest fires and hunting, works for EFI in Bonn, maintains good contacts and links for Pro Silva with EFI on different projects. Hubertus Lehnhausen from Germany is the representative to ProSilva’s largest member organisation, “ANW Germany”. Prof. Joao Carvalho from Portugal has his focus on and represents the Mediterranean Region and Brazil and is part of a science network. Jonathan Hulson from Wales (UK) acts as the CCGF Contact Person and is specialist for media, campaign and public relation. The sixth member of extended executive board will come from France.

New Members

At the meeting Pro Silva Polonia was ratified as a new member of Pro Silva: “Pro Silva Polonia” was founded as a subsection of the Polish Forest Society. The founding team was led by practitioner Daniel Lemke and supported by well accepted scientists (Dorota Dobrowolska, Maciej Pach, Janusz Szmyt), will start with activities in the forests and be the nucleus for growth of the association.

As a new associated member the "Tane’s Tree Trust" from New Zealand was accepted. We are glad to enlarge the 'family'.

Press Release

On this occasion a press release was published to announce the changes and further perspectives

here you can download the Press Release
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