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Based on a broad approach to sustainability, Pro Silva presents in the Pro Silva Principle pages policy statements on  issues of major importance to present-day forest management. See also the 1997 Pro Silva Declaration of Apeldoorn for more info here. The full Pro Silva Europe Policy document, in several languages, and the Constitution can be downloaded here.

These issues concern
  • the basic principles of responsible forest management and forest utilisation
  • the maintenance of biodiversity
  • the use of exotic species
  • the ecological role of forests in the landscape

Together with this emphasis on sustainability, Pro Silva promotes forest use which follows natural processes. By these means, ecological and economic risks are reduced. Pro Silva is convinced that it is possible to commence the change from a regimented type of forest management to the type of management and silviculture advocated by Pro Silva at almost any stage of stand development. Within a range of stand types, forest protection, management and utilisation can assist in regenerating and conserving the forest.  

Pro Silva supports the implementation of such management in the following ways
  • Exchange of information within regional working groups;
  • Establishment of demonstration forests;
  • Meetings and excursions in demonstration forests;
  • Cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, and other bodies

These policy statements are the result of many discussions held among members of the Board of Pro Silva Europe. The objective of these policies is to increase the benefit derived from the forest by present and future generations. Pro Silva is a European federation of foresters who advocate forest management based on natural processes.     

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