Forest Politics

Allthough we are mainly an organisation that offers training, courses and excursions there is an increasing demand for our expertise.

In addition, there are increasingly points of contact with current forest-political topics. Our expertise is increasingly in demand and we have to face up to the questions. It is precisely in this context that our Principles, the further principles and the declarations have a clear focus on forestry policy. We do not want to "beat about the bush" and try to justify it to everyone, but want to position ourselves clearly and openly.

It is precisely the growing need for integral solutions in forest management and nature conservation that forces us to assume our responsibility. If not us, then who ? - Professional competence is easily playful in public and in order to ward off impending restrictions, we want to act offensively.

In particular, we have participated in a number of events on the subject of "Natura 2000 in the forest" and contributed our views.

convince with examples

Practical examples in the forest are most convincing. That is why we try to build up a well prepared network of exemplary forests all over Europe. Many of our members have convincingly presented their individual path to close-to-nature forest management in past excursions.

Now we must also try to convince political decision-makers and draw their attention to our concerns with targeted forest visits.

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