Joao Carvalho

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Contact Information

Joao P. Fidalgo Carvalho

Rua Prof. Joao Pena
5000 Vila Real

e-mail: jpfc(at)

phone: +352-259-350886



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Joao Carvalho (Portugal) - extended board

Joao Paulo Fidalgo Carvalho is a professor of Silviculture and Dendrology at the University Tras os Montes Alto Douro, Vila Real (Portugal) since 1988. He has a PhD in Silviculture and made a Post-Doc on the same subject in USA as a Fulbright Scholar (USDA Forest Service SRS and North Carolina State University). Member of the Centre for the Research and Technology of Agro-Environmental and Biological Sciences (CITAB).

He has been working on close-to-nature in several countries, after its first contact in Germany (1996). Delegate member of Pro Silva since 2001. Has developed activity linked to Pro Silva on several occasions, in Portugal and abroad, and developed contacts with Portuguese-speaking countries.

Scientific consultant in EC Commission Working Group on Forests and Nature (ENV-Forest Protection) for the development of Closer-to-nature forestry framework and guidelines under the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030. Part of the institutional Working Group for the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change for Forests (PT).

Worked on several Research and Development projects related to forestry, with different institutions and organizations, in subjects related to ecology, yield, forest functions and management. Scientific partner of the project Floresta Comum (‘Common Forest’) promoting reforestation with native trees across the country. Founding member of five NGO’s (Pro Silva Portugal, CHH, Zero, Iberian Oak Association, Alter-Ibi). Involved in demonstration areas and training courses regarding close to nature forestry.

He has published several works in the expertise of silviculture. Published the book “Silvicultura Próxima da Natureza – Conciliar Economia e Ecologia para uma Silvicultura Mulifuncional, Rentável e Sustentável" (in Portuguese) [Close-to-Nature Silviculture – Conciliate Economy and Ecology to a Multifunctional, Profitable and Sustainable Silviculture], Ed Quantica, 2018. Author of the first chapter for the Brazilian book ‘Silvicultura Tropical’ entitled ‘A silvicultura próxima da natureza e a valorização da floresta nativa do Brasil’ (in Portuguese) [Close to nature forestry and the valuation of Brazilian native forest] (2021).

Joao Carvalho is president and founder of Pro Silva Portugal.

Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries