Tomáš Vrška

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Contact Information

Dr. Tomáš Vrška

Krtiny 175

67905 - Krtiny

Jihomoravský kraj

Czech Republic

cell phone: +420-602-794216

e-mail: tomasvrska(at)


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1st Vice President: Tomáš Vrška (Czech Republic)

Ass. Prof. Tomáš Vrška is the director of the University Forest Enterprise, Mendel University in Brno, Czechia. He studied forestry and forest ecology on Mendel University. His PhD was focused on the dynamics of natural temperate forests.

He is experienced in the application of scientific knowledges about natural forest dynamics into the practice, in conversion of even-aged to uneven-aged silviculture and restoration management of forests.

Tomáš Vrška was one of the founders of Pro Silva Bohemica and is commitee member there.

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