Pro Silva Annual Meeting 1997

"Sustainability, the Pro Silva way"

29th to 31st May 1997 - Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Examples of close-to-nature forestry in the Netherlands

Dr. Jaap Kuper, president of Pro Silva from 1993 to1997 ended his terms of office with the major congress in Apeldoorn/Netherlands. In 1997 Prof. Dr. Hansjürgen Otto, ANW member in Lower Saxony, took over the presidency.

A bookled of proceedings was published and the declaration of Apeldoorn was acclaimed. In the booklet several artciles were published:

  • Rudy Rabbinge - Sustainability
  • Roelof A.A. Oldemann & Jaap H. Kuper - Optimizing forest multifunctionality
  • Henk Koop - Sustainability, the ecology
  • Jaap H. Kuper - Profitable sustainable forestry
  • Jan van den Bos & Hans A. Verweij - Afforestation an abandoned arable land and rehabitilation of degraded forests
  • Hans-Jürgen Otto - Practical Criteria and Indicators of Sustainability in Forests

Now we just found some paperprints of the proceeding. We will try to find fotos and other documents. If you can send in some contributions, we will be happy.

The booklet printed in three languages (english, german, french) had incredible 280 pages. But we do not have one, just the index.

Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries