Dušan Roženbergar

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Contact Information

Dr. Dušan Roženbergar

University of Ljubljana - Biotechnical Faculty

Dep. of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources

Vecna Pot 83
1000 Ljubljana


cell-phone: +386-41-895775

e-mail: dusan.rozenbergar(at)

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2nd Vice President: Dušan Roženbergar (Slovenija)

Dušan Roženbergar is an assistant professor at the Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He started his professional career at the Slovenian Forest Service (SFS), where he gained his first practical experience and passed the state professional forestry exam. Later, he started his work at the University of Ljubljana as a researcher at the Chair of silviculture. After finishing his PhD at the same institution, he started working as a teacher and researcher on several national and international projects.

His teaching and research work are primarily focused on close-to-nature, small-scale silviculture and forest ecology. Much of his research deals with stand dynamics, ecology and regeneration of old-growth and managed forest, as well as alien and invasive tree species. A primary goal of this research is to develop and promote new silvicultural approaches focused on improved tending measures and forest resilience. He also manages a small family forest property.

Dušan Roženbergar is commitee member of Pro Silva Slovenija.

Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries