Serge Reinardt

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Contact Information

Serge Reinardt

24, Montée de la Seitert
9279 - Diekirch


cell-phone: +352-621-167196

e-mail: sreinardt(at)

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Treasurer untill 2024: Serge Reinardt (Luxembourg)

Strongly affected by the two big weather storms that hit Luxembourg in 1984 and 1990, Serge Reinardt, very early in his career, searched for ways in which forest management could ensure sustainable timber production. In his experience, the Pro Silva principles are the most reasonable way to produce high quality timber and at the same time preserve the ecosystem and its resources. Having participated in multiple scientific and technical conferences, workshops and expert discussions, he is more than ever convinced that Pro Silva also is an important platform for exchanging about how forest management needs to tackle current important challenges (CO2 storing, climate change).

Serge Reinardt has worked for over 35 years for the National forestry and Nature Agency in Luxembourg, managing forests and natural reserves. He fosters the exchange of know-how and he supports innovation between practice and theory by also being an instructor and a close to nature forestry trainer. After 30 years in different Pro Silva associations abroad, enjoying a role of connecting colleagues from different nationalities and backgrounds, he initiated Pro Silva Luxembourg in 2010. He joined the Pro Silva main board in 2021 as Treasurer.

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