Each member of the Association is subjected to the payment of annual subscription.

The subscriptions constitute together with donations, subsidies and loans, the mean for the association to realise its aims and objectives.

Our annual Budget is about 10.000,- €

In our General Annual Meeting in Sibiu 2017 we changed the fee system from one depending in the forest area in the member country to one depending on the individual members in our member organisation. Minimum fee 200,- € + 1,5 €/member rounded up to 100:

  • Basic Fee 50,- €/year (minimum to be a full member)
  • 20 - 60 members - 300,- €/year
  • 61 - 130 members 400,- €/year
  • 131 - 200 members 500,-€/year
  • 200 - 400 members 600,- €/year
  • 401+ members 900,- €/year

Exceptions are made for the Netherlands (all members of the Royal Dutch Society) and Germany with the federal system of ANW member organisation in each federal country in Germany.

We would be glad to find additional funding

  • through donators
  • foundations
  • projects

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