Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2003

"Pro Silva in the Baltics"

Conservation of Biodiversity in Forest Eco Systems

5th to 8th June 2003 - Tartu, Estonia


The meeting started on Wednesday 4th June 2003 in Kantri Hotel near Tartu in South East Estonia.

Thursday 5th June: Started with the board meeting and an excursion to Luua Forest School for others (management of deciduous forests). In the afternoon in Erastvere the management of pine forests was shown.

Friday 6th June: The excursion lead to Taevaskoda-Kiidjarve  with the topic “preservation of natural diversity in protected and in tourist areas” . In the afternoon the participants visited the forests of Jiirvselja, and the Training and Experimental Center there.

Saturday  7th June: Tthe excursion lead to “Ecological forest management in a private forest at Viru-Jaagupi”. After lunch at Sagadi Estate the tour lead to Oandu nature trail.

The meeting ended in at Altja Inn and the participants left from Tallinn on Sunday.

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