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Becoming Member

Please go the Country Members to find a local Pro Silva organisation in your country in order to join  your local branch. However, if there is currently no local Pro Silva organisation in your country, contact Pro Silva Europe President or Administrator in order to gain further information.

Pro Silva encourages its members to form national associations which are then affiliated to the Pro Silva network. Pro Silva draws its strength through greater capacity and stature and through sharing of experiences and knowledge. Two representatives from each Pro Silva association meet at the Annual Meeting hosted by a different member country every year. The Pro Silva associations provide information sharing through their own websites, newsletters, meetings, lectures, conferences, training and field visits in each individual country.

Kindly note that while Pro Silva has been operating within Europe since its foundation in 1989, we broadened our horizons and build contacts all over the globe. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining Pro Silva. We promote principles of Close to Nature forestry and our approach is adaptive and respectful of the dynamics of ecosystems which is abroad approach that lends itself to many different situations.

Member Categories

Since 2017 "Pro Silva" offers two different member categories:

Full members, that fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Act as an independent non governmental organisation with a valid constitution and an registred status within the member country
  2. The constitution directly includes the Pro Silva Principles (2012) or havs a strong reference to those principles and the organisation is ative in the same fields as Pro Silva on a national level.
  3. Pay their membership fee

Associated Members for those who are either partners "under developement" within Europe:

Associate members are individual persons or associations that have a strong interest and commitment in the work of "Pro Silva". They agree to establish an association in their country, in which the constitution is a set of fundamental Pro Silva principles. They are not allowed or licensed to use the trademark of Pro Silvaand the Pro Silva Logo. Associated membership is approved by a decision at the annual meeting of Pro Silva administrators.

If, after a matter of time, they fulfill the regulations to incorporate the Pro Silva principles in their constitution and can demonstrate their commitment to these principles, they may become regular members of the association (within 1-3 years). Associate members pay no membership fee and have no vote at the general meeting; they participate as guests until elected as full members. The Executive Board have authority to provide financial support of these organisation.

or they are partner organisations outside of Europe around the whole globe.

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