Video statements from Luxembourg 2022, Radlje 2019 and Weimar 2018

What Pro Silva means for me...

Now after two years of interuption we present new video statements from 8 Pro Silva Members and additional 5 guests from our annual meeting in Luxembourg 2022.

At the meeting in Weimar 2018 we asked 9 representatives from all over Europe and more... what do you think about Close-To-Nature Forestry ? - During the 30th anniversary meeting we asked again 8 representatives from different European countries how they came to Close-To-Nature Silviculture and what they expect for their country.

Kristina Sever - Pro Silva Slovenia

Marc Garfella Ruiz - Pro Silva España

Hardi Tullus - Pro Silva Contact Point Estonia

Annukka Valkeapää - Pro Silva Finlandia

Michel Leytem - Pro Silva Luxembourg

Peter Csepány - Pro Silva Hungaria

Rudolf Bruchánik - Pro Silva Slovakia

Nikos Grigoriadis - Pro Silva Greece

Christine Sanchez - Pro Silva Wallonie

Jurij Diaci - Pro Silva Slovenia

Liam Byrne - Pro Silva Ireland

Marc-Etienne Wilhelm - Pro Silva France

Jaques Fiette - CCFG UK

Jan Østergaard

Sylvain Meier - Pro Silva Switzerland

Daniel Lemke - Pro Silva Polonia

René Olthof - Pro Silva Netherlands

Joao Carvalho - Pro Silva Portugal

Igor Anic - Pro Silva Croatia

Dorota Dobrowolska - Polish Interest Group

Bill Mason - CCFG UK

Pavel Bednár - Pro Silva Bohemica

Massimo Stroppa - Pro Silva Italia

Manfred Schölch - ANW Deutschland

Jan Walotek

Associação Catarinense de Engenheiros Florestais ACEF (Brazil)
Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries