Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2012

"In the Kingdom of Oaks"

Pays de la Loire, Western France

28th to 30th June 2012 - La Ferté Bernhard / Sarthe

A productive meeting was held for ProSilve Europe delegates recently in France. A new President was confirmed, Philippe Morgan, from the United Kingdom and new chairpersons for the United Kingdom, Bill Mason and Switzerland, Erwin Schmid, were announced. - Delegates also adopted three new papers on climate change, energy and forest management practices for the Mediterranean.


Welcome to all the friends of PRO SILVA in Pays de la Loire, on west of France, in the kingdom of oaks.

The president of PRO SILVA FRANCE, his council and the members of the West Regional Group are delighted to welcome the delegates of Pro Silva of all the countries, and suggest showing them one of the most prestigious regular high forest of oak in National forest of Bercé, with the “Canton des Clos”, world-famous, and then several private forests, stemming from former coppices with standards, in conversion in continuous cover forests since more or less distant periods.

We hope numerous among you to attend this annual international meeting.

  • Alain GIVORS - President of PRO SILVA France
  • Jean-Philippe SCHÜTZ - President of PRO SILVA


Wednesday, 27th June 2012 - Arrival, registration, informal meeting of participants, welcome drink

Thursday 28th June 2012 - Departure to Jupilles (Sarthe) to visit the National Forest of Bercé.- Oaks regular high forest. - Management : Office National des Forêts (ONF)

  • High forest in the course of natural regeneration.
  • Seed and intermediate cutting
  • Oaks seedling and thicket. Tending operations.
  • « Le Canton des Clos ». 400 years old high forest. . Remarkable oaks.

Departure to Vibraye (Sarthe) to visit the Private forest of Vibraye. - Owner : « Groupement Forestier De Vibraye ». - Management : Philippe d'Harcourt, past vice-president of Pro Silva France

Council : Jean-Michel Guillier, forestry consultant

  • Conversion from coppices with standards to continuous cover high forest. Seedling and sapling in groups and patches
  • Conversion of former pines plantations on given up agricultural grounds to oaks continuous cover high forest

Friday, 29th June 2012

Departure to Bonnétable  - Visit of Montdragon Forest, municipality of La Bosse (Sarthe). - Owner : « Groupement Forestier de Montdragon » Management : Pascal Yvon, vice-president of Pro Silva France.

  • Conversion from coppices with standards to continuous oak, chestnut, ash, laricio pine and scots pine cover high forest.
  • Delegates meeting. Village hall of La Ferté Bernard.
  • Presentation of Jacques Andrieu (General Director of Forests Service, Agricultural Ministry) : the french forest policy, in particular forest management and silvicultures.

Saturday, 30th June 2012

Departure to Igé  -Visit of the  Private forest of Lonné - Owner : Groupement Forestier de Lonné. Management : Hugues d'Orglandes - Council : Michel de Vasselot, General Secretary of Comité des Forêts

  • Conversion from coppices and coppices with standards to continuous oak high forest. Inventories from 1890.

Departure to Sainte Suzanne (Mayenne). - Private forest of Frilouze. - Owner : M. Alain Haricot , Council : Jean-Michel Guillier, forestry consultant

  • Poor coppice with standards, in conversion to continuous cover forest from 1990.
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