Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2006

Close to Nature Forestry in Wallonia and Flandern

11th to 14th September 2006 - Namur


Monday, September 11th 2005: Excursion organized by "PRO SILVA VLAANDEREN" in the forest of the "Walenbos" at HOUWAART in the south of AARSCHOT on the theme of the transformation of poplar groves into mixed hardwoods. Passage in the forest of MEERDAAL south of LEUVEN

  • Topics : Poplar and Corsican pines and Scotch Pine (transformation process)

Lunch in the forest and return to Namur...

Afternoon: Council meeting at the Hötel de Flandre in Namur. Possibility for accompanying persons to visit Brussels or Namur.

Tuesday 12th September 2005: excursion on the themes of the beech and oak. Visit of the Beeach stand  of  "Beau Mousseau" in the cantonment of WELLIN. The hectare has been treated in a forest garden for 75 years. Visit of an AFI plot and comments.

  • topics:  Beech plenter forests in the area of Florenville - Oak:small group selection.

Departure to the region of Entre Sambre et Meuse north of CHIMAY. Lunch at the pavilion of "La Bouloye" in the state-owned forest of "Bois Robert". at the north of the town of CHIMAY.

  • Natural regeneration of Quercus Petraea - depressing device - gardening and transformation of the oak by groups

Wednesday 13 September 2005:  excursion on the theme of spruce in the VIELSALM cantonment - "Grand Bois" state forest. Transformation into an irregular and mixed forest by the Turner method. –

  •  topics : Spruce: transformations into uneven-aged mixed forests with the Turner method in  the  area  of  Vielsalm - European ash  and European alder in the area of Ciney

Lunch at the BECHEFA pavilion- visit of a spruce stand from natural regeneration and leaves it to itself: follow its evolution. Return by MALMEDY and EUPEN and a short stop in the national nature reserve of the HIGH FAGNES.

M. Letocart 16.08.2006

La sylviculture ProSilva- European education and regional perspectives

Thursday 14th September 2005: lnterreg meeting organised by "Foret Wallonne" in order to share knowledge with the Belgian foresters about: « Pro Silva sylviculture- European experience and local perspectives ». The Interreg Project covers French Lorraine, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the beligan province of Luxembourg.

Lectures will be held in French by Mr. GEHRI and Mr. SCHÜTZ, Professors at the Federal Polytechnical Institute of Zurich; Mr. B. de TURCKHEIM, Chairman of Pro Silva  France, Mr. L. FARRON, Chairman  of  Pro  Silva  Switzerland  and  Mr. P. BLEROT, Generalinspector (D.N.F.) under the theme : "La sylviculture ProSilva- European education and regional perspectives". 

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