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Projects and Cooperations

For several years Pro Silva has been striving to advance its own development and the presentation of examples through separate projects. These include in particular the focal points:

  • exemplary forests and demonstration stands
  • silviculture methods in continuous cover forests with different tree species
  • forest and ungulate relationship
  • forest ecology and biodiversity

There was a working group installed to deal with the topic of "forest inventory and manaagement plannig in irregular continuous cover forests" with the participation of ANW Germany, Pro Silva Switzerland and Pro Silva Austria.

In the field of forest & ungulates, in Austria 6 practical seminars with a focus on red deer have been organised by the chairman together with the Carinthian Forestry Association.

Preparations are now underway to link example areas to the "Biowild Project" of ANW Germany biowildprojekt.de

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ANW Projects (Germany)

The German ANW developed two large projects in two main fields of action

  • Forest and Ungulates: Biowild - Biodiversity and ungulate management in managed forests
  • Forest and Climate Change: Silver fir – Conifer with future potential
download project description of Silver fir – Project download project description of Biowild - Project

Projects Pro Silva Italia

Members of Pro Silva Italia are also widely involved within different projects.

Paolo Mori, one founding member of Pro Silva Italia, working as a communication expert for Compagnia delle Foreste send us a list with project involvement:

Compagnia delle Foreste is a partner of SelPiBio LIFE project dealing with improvements in Pine Forests in Italy

He is further project partner in the following projects:

 and subcontractor in:

he was partner in:



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