Blick auf die Karpaten (2011)

Cross Border Excursions

Excursions abroad have always played an important role since the early days of Pro Silva. Above all, the visits to various remnants of primeval forest, but also exciting examples of near-natural ways of doing business were and are in focus.

Pro Silva Austria organised to South Tyrol (2001), Switzerland (2002), the Czech Republic (2003), Thuringia (2004), Slovakia (2005), Romania (2006), Slovenia (2007), Freiburg and Alsace (2009), the Engadine (2010), Ukraine (2011) and Saarland (2012). The last trip abroad was to the neighbouringprovinces of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto (2013).

Pro Silva will prepare an overview about all cross-border-excursions that were organised within the network of Pro Silva. We will show, that we are the longest existing, biggest exchange network of practical silvicultural issues in Europe since 30 years !!

In addition there are some professional providers of nature and forest study trips to which we would like to refer interested parties, e.g.

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