Eckart Senitza

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Contact Information

Dr. Eckart Senitza
Poitschach 2
A-9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten

Tel. +43-664-4416214


SKYPE: eckart.senitza

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1st Vice President: Eckart Senitza (Austria)

Eckart Senitza finished his studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna at the Institute for Silviculture with his PHD regarding “Silvicultural basics of Cedrus Libani in Turkey”. After working at the Association of Austrian Land and Forest Owners with experience in e.g. public relations, environmental politics he returned to his home near Feldkirchen (Carinthia) in 1991. He started running a consulting bureau for forestry and simultaneously took over the family estate with 850 ha of forests, farm land, hunting & fishing, timber transports, hydroelectric etc.

The main incentive was to continue nature based forestry in his own woodland and to expand the possibilities and fields of action of the whole enterprise. Meanwhile after 25 years the enterprise with 7 employees covers cutting and trading timber of about 10.000 m3 per year, single fellings and almost pure natural regeneration, and consulting for private and public customers. He was leading different projects in international (Interreg) and regional (Leader) context. A steady process of innovation makes the bureau to a technology leader. GIS Software, database development, modelling as well as a lot of communication experience expand the possibilities.

He is the president of Pro Silva Austria since 2012 and continues with a strong team and about 540 members (2024). He intensified the contacts to the neighbouring countries Italy, Slovenija, Germany and Switzerland. Now he helps to build a network of exemplary forests in Austria and contributes establishing a net of reference stands for nature based best practice examples according the AFI standard.

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