Jonathan Hulson

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Contact Information

Jonathan Hulson
NWWT, Aberduna, Ffordd Maeshafn

Denbighshire, CH7 5LD

Cellphone: +44-750-1657913
E-mail: jhulson(at)
SKYPE: dr_robotnick


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Jonathan Hulson (North Wales, United Kingdom) CCFG Delegate / extended board

Jonathan Hulson has a professional background in conservation and communications, working for North Wales Wildlife Trust, the Woodland Trust, IUCN and the BBC. As a communications professional he has worked on factual programmes at the BBC, assisted the IUCN Global Species Programme in Gland, Switzerland and the IUCN Red List Unit and Freshwater Biodiversity Unit in Cambridge, UK. He has also worked on environmental campaigns at the Environmental Investigation Agency and the Environmental Justice Foundation in London, as well as the BBC Wildlife Fund.

Since 2012, he has worked on many landscape-scale conservation schemes in Wales involving businesses, farmers, NGOs and government agencies, and now manages a Welsh Government funded project focussed on the integration of wooded habitats on farmland, including the demonstration of sustainable land management approaches, particularly continuous cover forest management. Jonathan is the Pro Silva Representative on the committee of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group in the UK.

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