Success in forest politics

Parallel to the sucessful participation at the Conference "Forests for Biodiversity and Climate" in Brussels at the beginning of February, members of Pro Silva are increasing political influence.

modern practical concepts

Pro Silva is able to convince practitioners to apply their concepts based on scientific results. But Pro Silva also is able to develope forest policies and guidelines that are based on practical examples that are able to fulfill economical, ecological and social demands on an integrated close-to-nature forest management.

step by step gaining political influence

Step by step the Pro Silva member organisations in the different European countries are gaining political influence:

Pro Silva is approved as observer in "Forest Europe" process

With beginning of September "Pro Silva" is officially approved as observer by the signatory parties of the intergovenmental "Forest Europe" platform.

This will increase opportunities to promote and get political support for application of Pro Silva principles in European countries.

download the paper Adaption to Climate Change in SFM in Europe
Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries