beech forest in Amiata (Tuscany)

Pro Silva Italia

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Mauro Frattegiani
Via dei Filosofi 41/A
06121 - Perugia

e-mail: mauro(at)

cellphone: +39-347-1834849

international delegate

vice president

Massimo Stroppa
Via Zenari 10
33170 Pordenone

e-mail: massimo.stroppa(at)

cellphone: +39-335-6407068


members of the Directive Board:

  • Mauro Frattegiani
  • Massimo Stroppa
  • Roberta Berretti
  • Alberto Dotta
  • Paola Mairota
  • Giorgio Vacchiano

Pro Silva Italy is organized in territorial sections, with:

  • North West (reference Pier Giorgio Terzuolo)
  • North East (reference Federico Salvagni)
  • Center (reference Marco Terradura)
  • South (reference Dario De Filippis).


  • members: 109
  • yearly events: up to 8 excursions, participation in international meetings
  • exemplary forests: Col de Joux (picea, larix, cembra), Podere Seradino (Quercus sp.)
  • reference stands: no AFI plots
  • martelloscopes:
  • projects: serveral project participations
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Pro Silva Italia

The Objectives of Pro Silva Italy

In forest management, Pro Silva proposes a multifunctional approach, which seeks to pursue different objectives on the same wooded areas at the same time.

In silviculture, the fundamental operation that allows these objectives to be pursued is the selection in the forest of the trees to be removed and left, called "hammered or marked".

The north of Italy was hit by strom Vaia in last autumn destroying thousands of hectras of forest.

Close-to-nature silviculture has a long tradition in Italy, starting from the seminal work on uneven-aged forests by Lucio Susmel. This forestry system has been initially applied in the North East (Trentino, Veneto, Friuli), but is now spreading also in other Italian regions.

Despite the fact that close-to-nature silviculture is sometimes misunderstood by local administrators as low-intensity, passive, or non-productive management, Pro Silva general principles are becoming more and more ingrained in the management of most forestry systems, including even-aged forests, irregular forests, and even coppices.

Pro Silva Italia was founded in 1996. Since then, it has promoted knowledge sharing by organizing five to ten technical excursions every year in various Italian forests, focused on forest management issues such as:

  • improvement of wood products
  • consideration of the specific ecological dynamics of each forest ecosystems
  • management of coppices
  • management of protection forests
  • management of lowland and riparian forests
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foto gallery - (C) Pro Silva Italia

foto gallery Italy excursions to Friuli (2013, Sappada/Val Visdende (2004), Lago Fuzine (2013), N2000 Workshop Padova/Pian del Cansiglio - (C) Eckart Senitza

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