ANW Deutschland

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Hans von der Goltz
Poststrasse 7
57392 - Schmallenberg

e-mail: hansvdgoltz(at)


cellphone +49-176-30199512

international delegates

Hinrich Joost Baerwald

An dem Ende 9
18375 Born auf dem Darss

mail: info(at)


cellphone: +49-171-6842033

Hubertus Lehnhausen

Von der Heydt 15
66115 Saarbrücken
Saarland - Germany
cellphone: +49-160-94448521


  • members: 3.233 individual members in 13 federal country subdivisions
  • yearly events: 30-40 2 events (excursions, marking exercises) in all federal members, participation in international meetings
  • exemplary forests: Landteil/Stauffenburg/Seesen, Crottorf/Schönstein, Beispielsbetrieb Revier Knechtsteden
  • reference stands:
  • martelloscopes: under construction
  • projects: Biowild, Silver Fir Project
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ANW Deutschland e.V.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Naturgemäße Waldwirtschaft - Bundesverband Deutschland

We are an association of forest owners, foresters, scientists and people interested in forests. Since 1950 we have been pursuing the goal of dealing responsibly with our non-renewable production capital, soil, and the communities that develop on it.

We want to earn money sustainably with our product "forest", in harmony with its ecological value and satisfy other important social demands such as clean drinking water or health-promoting recreation areas.

Our principles of natural forest management are not rigid, but are constantly being further developed. On the one hand, this is triggered by new findings from science or forestry practice. More recently, of course, the increasingly perceptible consequences of climate change have also influenced our discussion.

Two important aspects determine our thoughts and actions:

  1. We work and learn mainly in silvicultural/forestry practice, so we also look with the help of science on the "fingers" of the forest.
  2. We preserve the proven and, if necessary, develop it carefully while maintaining a high level in steadiness.

If you are interested in a committed technical discussion in the forest, sometimes also at the green table, then you have come to the right place.

As a member of the German Forestry Council (DFWR) and as a working group dedicated to the "forest issue", we are of course also sought-after partners in the political forest discussion.

ANW Germany has a very long tradition in promoting continous cover forestry ("Dauerwald"). The fathers of this movement were Karl Dannecker, Willy Wobst, Willi Gayler and Hans-Jügen Otto, who was heading Pro Silva in the years 1997-2000 and brought strong influence to Ireland and the UK.

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foto gallery from Germany: ANW Federal Congress Hameln (2016), ANW Meeting South (2015), Bavarian Forest (2014), Integrate Final Meeting Steigerwald (2016), Pro Silva Annual Meeting Weimar (2018) - (C) Eckart Senitza

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