Pro Silva Slovakia

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Prof. Milan Saniga

T.G.Masaryka 24
960 53 - Zvolen

e-mail: saniga(at)

phone: +421-915-8045598

international delegate

Rudolf Bruchánik

Lesy SK š.p.,Námestie SNP 8
975 66 Banská Bystrica

e-mail: rudolf.bruchanik(at)

cellphone: +421-918-444204


  • members: 120, 250 active participants without stable membership
  • yearly events:
  • 2017: 12 excursions with > 440 participants, guest excursions from Poland, France, discussions, presentations of papers
  • 2018: 14 excursions in Slovakia with > 390 participants a 2 excursions in Czech republic with 92 participants, guest excursions from Poland, Czech republic, Austria, discussions, presentations of papers
  • exemplary forests: Selection forests of spurce and silver fir (Lower Tatra), mosaic stands oak/beech (Univ.Forest Zvolen), selection forests of silver fir and beech (Slovak Ore Mountains)
  • reference stands: 248 forest demonstration objects with the area 63 500 ha
  • martelloscopes: some existing
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Pro Silva Slovakia

is a free association of forest-oriented individuals and organizations, minded and acting in accordance with the principles of nature close to forest management. It is included as a professional section of the Slovak forestry chamber.

One of the founding members of the European organization Silva Europa. (Prof. Korpel)

It works on the basis of voluntary and active cooperation between representatives of state and non-state forests and scientific institutions.

They report on the principles and principles of promoting sustainable conservation of forest ecosystems that are equally capable of fulfilling economic and environmental functions.

It modifies the general principles, principles and recommendations of the European organization on forestry conditions in Slovakia.

The first active presentations of forest management under the Pro Silva principles were organized by State forests Levice in 1996-1999 with active support and participation of outstanding professors on silviculture in Slovakia prof. Korpel and prof. Saniga.

An important stimulus for acquirement the principles and ideas of Pro Silva was the participation of representatives of Slovak foresters, especially employees of State enterprise Forests of the Slovak Republic at the Pro Silva Congress in Bad Fallingbostel in Germany in June 2000. Since that time,  Forests of the Slovak Republic have become a decisive factor in activating the ideas of Pro Silva in Slovakia.

University Zvolen

The technical university in Zvolen with the faculty of forestry and the department of silviculture headed by Prof. Saniga is a very strong nucleus in teaching and practical excercises. The nearby university forest is frequently used for outdoor lessons with the forestry students.

The assistance prof. Peter Jaloviar and Stanislav Kucbel and severel other multiply the silvicultural teaching. The university of Zvolen is a focal point also for collegues from the Czech Republic, from Poland and from the Balkan countries.

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foto gallery from excursion of Austrian group to Slovakia in September 2018 visiting Banska Bystrica municipial forest, forest in Donovaly (Mistríki), nature forest reserve Badin, university forest of Techn.Univ. Zvolen, Banská Štiavnica (forest school) and ProSilva exemplary stand in Pocuvadlo - (C) Eckart Senitza

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