Pro Silva Hungaria

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György Keresztes


Iván Horváth
Budakeszi út 91.
1021 - Budapest II

e-mail: horvath.ivan(at)


cellphone: +36-30-2710396

international delegate

Peter Csépányi

vice president Pro Silva Hungaria

Pilis Parkforst AG
Mátyás k. u. 4.
2025 Visegrád


Phone: +36/26/598040
Mobil: +36/20/9846006

e-mail: csepanyi.peter(at)


  • members: 67 regular members, 56 supporting members
  • yearly events: in average every second year a two day long assembly, and 3-4 meeting of the presidency, and lot of local meetings
  • exemplary forests: Pilis park Forest - Mexikó-puszta Pro Silva Exemplary Forest
  • reference stands: ca. 10
  • martelloscopes: under construction
  • In 2019 Pro Silva Hungary also celebrates the 20th anniversary of its foundation.
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Pro Silva Hungaria

THE NATURE - better than anything and everyone, if we know how to follow it.

PRO SILVA is a European Alliance of Foresters, based on natural processes, founded in 1989 in Slovenia. Pro Silva Hungaria is the Hungarian organization of foresters supporting natural processes based on natural processes.


Due to the domination of clearcuts in Hungary, Hungarian forestry became a kind of cuckoo cake for the Pro Silva start-up team - through the individual membership of Béla Varga, who took part in the inaugural meeting.
Fortunately, the National Forestry Association quickly recognized the situation and entered the European Alliance among the earliest as its national group. Thanks to its enthusiastic members, the Pro Silva Working Group, established in the Forestry Department, has been doing excellent work, of course, for the first time in ten years, with great traditions (Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, etc.).

New Team

The new team, using almost all the traditional and modern means of communication, has been trying to overcome the disadvantage of the Hungarian forestry with the almost exclusive application of the cutting mode. Editing, publishing and distributing books, posters, other publications, organizing conferences, study tours, setting up educational trails, presenting field exercises and trainings, building a network of sample and demonstration areas, and taking up more and more jobs through direct professional support for work.

New Board elected 2019

a new board was elected in Pro Silva Hungaria 2019 - They will celebrate their 20th anniversary !

honory president - Béla Varga

e-mail vargab(at)

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foto gallery from Pro Silva Austria/Hungary excursion Sopron (2018) - (C) Eckart Senitza, Peter Csepany

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