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Pro Silva Bohemica presents Pro Silva Exemplary Forest

On the 25th and 26th of October our member organisation "Pro Silva Bohemica", supported by the EFI Office Bonn, organised a conference with an excursion on the topic of forest conversion under the aspects of bark beetles and climate change.

The international conference presented examples from the exemplary forestry operation of Constantin Kinsky near Kocanda (Czech Republic). More than 100 participants followed the presentations of the local foresters and the scientific accompaniment by Pavel Bednar and Tomas Vrska. An extensive conference book of the lectures of the first day and of the forest excursion of the second day was presented
The event was supported by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture and high-ranking representatives from there and from the Ministry of Environment participated.

A natural forest reserve was shown and especially the substructure of the spruce stands with beech and fir (mostly in the fence) as well as abundant natural regeneration. Climate change resistant forests are supposed to develop where, as is proven by studies by Tomas Vrska in natural forests, the spread of bark beetles in mixed stands is severely slowed down.

The opportunity for professional exchange with Austrian neighbours is the beginning of closer cooperation. An invitation has been issued to Austria to visit example farms where the transformation has already progressed further.

Radio Interview in Radio Prague

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