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Dauerwald Project started in Germany

ANW Germany started a project called "Dauerwald" to establish scientifixc research in best practice examples for "Dauerwald" or Continuous Cover Forest.

The Project is funded by the German Ministry of Agriculture, to investigate the economic and ecological effects of different forms of permanent forest management. On 11 experimental plots throughout Germany, we want to find out, with the support of our French partner Association Futaie Irrégulière (AFI) and the German Office for Forest and Environmental Planning Arnsberg, what has to be done to achieve the optimum between ecological and silvicultural stability on the one hand and yield on the other hand in a sustainable way. Our project is part of a European network of more than 120 reference stands with the same experimental design as best practice examples in different forest types.

The work of the ANW is characterized by a high degree of practical relevance. For this reason, the European Forestry Institute (EFI) has had 3 more practice areas, so-called marteloscopes, installed, where forest owners, students or foresters can immediately check with their laptops what effects their care concept has on the forest.

A more detailed report can be found under external meetings.

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New "Silver Fir Project" and "New Hunting Law"

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The Federal Conference 2020 was cancelled due to the corona pandemic. The new date for the federal conference is 09-11 September 2021

The project "Silver Fir 2. 0" was approved for a period from 01.02.2020 to 31.12.2022. Its aim is to colonise new areas outside their natural range with silver fir as a climate-tolerant mixed tree species. The factors of origin, assortments, hunting, plant procurement and regional organisation of the practical implementation play a central role in this context.

The ANW is intensively involved at the level of the Federal Republic of Germany in a fundamental reorientation of the Federal Hunting Law. Hunting must be made jointly responsible for the success of forest conversion. The balance between forest and game must be achieved through close cooperation between forest ownership and hunting so that mixed forests can develop without protection. The attached position paper of the German Forestry Council on "Hunting" is a first success.

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