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New board in Pro Silva Slovakia

At the end of February 2022, Pro Silva Slovakia was transformed to as a standalone civil-society association by its registration in the state registry. The inaugural general assembly took place on 6 May 2022, where the new board was elected.

After 24 years Prof. Milan Saniga resigned from the presidency of Pro Silva Slovakia and Michal Tomcik was elected as the president of this newly established non governmental organisation.

The association is now open to foresters, forest owners, forest companies, researchers, educators and students who are interested in promoting Pro Silva forestry principles and application of close-to-nature forest management practices.

The objectives of the association focus on transfer of knowledge and practical experience in close-to-nature forest management, maintenance and protection of natural forest ecosystems and forest biodiversity, organisation of seminars and excursions, consultancy, education and training, establishment of demonstration sites as well as participation in forest policy making.

Policy Statement focuses on CTN Silviculture

Complete policy statement of the Slovak government for 2020-2024

For the first time in the history of Slovakia, the policy statement of the Government of the Slovak Republic in the thematic section Forestry clearly declares close-to-nature forest management (CNFM). CNFM is presented as the basic tool that the government of the Slovak Republic intends to use to stabilize forests and ensure their functions.

This way of management represents the basic answer to climate change and societal requirements. At present, only 2% of the area of Slovak forests is managed according to CNFM principles.The aim of the Government of the Slovak Republic is to make the CNFM the dominant management system in the forest stands of Slovakia. The conversion process should follow the recommendations and procedures that are in line with the Pro Silva guidelines.

The result of this process should be stable forests with a balanced ecological, environmental, economic and social aspect. The Government of the Slovak Republic is aware that the reconstruction of Slovak forestry into close-to-nature forest management will be a long-term, but necessary process. Nevertheless, it can not be postponed without further devastating impact on the forests. Close-to-nature forest management becomes the basic strategy of the state administration  in the management of Slovakia's forests.

(Milan Saniga, Pro Silva Slovakia, 27th May 2020)

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