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Fast Forward for Continuous Cover Forestry in Ireland

In Ireland,  Andrew Doyle TD, Minister of State for Forestry, announced on 22 January 2019 a new grant scheme dedicated to CCF. This initiative is part of a wider strategy to promote the sustainability, resilience and biodiversity of Ireland’s forest estate.

Administered by the Forest Service, the new scheme will be open to a maximum of 30 projects in 2019. As this is a pilot scheme a review will follow and it is expected that the measure will be extended forward from 2020. The scheme provides funding over 12 years to assist with management planning, with cost based payments of up to €750/ha in year 1, another payment of €750/ha between years 4-8 and a final payment of €750/ha at year 12, all payments based on work in transformation plan being completed. Applicants must prepare a management plan that conforms to a standard template and foresters making application on behalf of clients must provide evidence of prior knowledge or training in CCF.

The new CCF management grant has been called a landmark event for forestry in Ireland. Highly anticipated, there have been a significant number of applications within just the first two week of the ministerial announcement. Ireland has approximately 22,000 small and farm woodland owners, suggesting there is potential for CCF to be widely adopted.

after an article by (C) Ted Wilson and Padraig O'Tuama “Fast Forward for Continuous Cover Forestry in Ireland” submitted recently to Woodland Heritage magazine in UK.

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