Principles for Mediterranean forests

Principles Applied to the Mediterranean Forests


The Mediterranean region presents distinct climatic and natural characteristics as well a long history of human  intervention  on  natural  ecosystems.  Significant  threats  exist  to  the  forests  and  species mainly  due to  human  pressure.  lntense  wood  exploitation,  grazing  and  fire,  often  followed  by soil  degradation,  have lead  to  a  progressive  degradation  of  the  Mediterranean  forests.  ln addition,  climate  changes,  drought, forest  fires  and  soil  erosion  also  plays  an  important  role increasing  its  fragility  and  instability.  One important  feature  of  the  Mediterranean  forest  is  their multiple-purpose  nature.  Mediterranean  forests supply  a  variety  of  wood  and  non-wood products and  many  services,  contributing  to  the  environment, nature conservation and socio-economic needs. This paper presents the Pro Silva principles applied to the management  of  the  Mediterranean forest  given  their  specific  natural  conditions  and  ecosystems  and regarding their environmental, ecological, economic and social functions.


Please find attached the position paper, in English and French, on ProSilva principles adopted for the management of Mediterranean forests, adopted 29 June 2012 at the 2012 ProSilva Europe delegation meeting at  La Ferté Bernard, departement Sarthe, France.

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