Pro Silva Slovenia

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Kristina Sever

Vecna pot 2
1000 Ljubljana



cellphone: +386-31-629612



international delegate

board member Pro Silva

Prof. Jurij Diaci

Vecna Pot 83
1000 Ljubljana

e-mail: jurij.diaci(at)

cellphone: +386-41-295379


  • members: 39
  • yearly events: 2 excursions, developing the center in Radlje, publications of papers, participation in international meetings
  • exemplary forests: pahernik forest (Radlje ob Dravi)
  • reference stands:
  • martelloscopes: pahernik martolloscope within the INTEGRATE+ Project
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Pro Silva Slovenia

New Website of Pro Silva Slovenija

Since July 2022 Pro Silva Slovenija present their own website !!

Pro Silva Slovenia was a sub organisation of the slovenian forest society. They now concentrate in establishing a center center for close to nature, sustainable and multipurpose forest management (CSTMG), now renamed to Center for Sustainable Forest Management (CSG), which will be in Radlje ob Dravi. The rooms in the mansion in Radlje are ready to continue the arrangement. These spaces will be part CSTMG and within the museum for close to nature, sustainable and multipurpose forest management.

In September 2016 Pro Silva Slolvenia in cooperation with the Koroški pokrajinski muzej (regional museum) Pahernikova Foundation and the Municipality of Radlje organized the excursion in Pahernikovo forests on Pohorje. Excursion was attended by around 60 participants.

In 2018, Pro Silva Slovenia cooperated with various organizations in the implementation of the Week of Forests, International Forest Day and Nature Conservation Excursions.

In 2019 Prosilva Slovenia is preparing together with Pro Silva Europe, the jubilee conference on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Prosilva Europe. The event will take place from 11 to 14 September 2019 in Slovenia, in Radlje ob Dravi. A draft programm can be found here...

University Ljubljana

The Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources of the Biotechnical Faculty of the University in Ljubljana has a long tradition of teaching, research and extension focused on close-to-nature, ecological forestry.

The Department of forestry maintains a network of permanent research plots in managed and old-growth forests for studying the developmental dynamics of forests. Faculty forests near Ljubljana and Pahernik forests serve as demonstration and teaching objects and represent natural laboratories for the development of ecological forestry.

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foto gallery from Pahernik Forest and other mixed structured forests of spruce, silver fir and beech (C) Jurij Diaci

foto gallery from Logarska Dolina (2009), Pokljuka (2015), Nazarje (2014), Triglav National Park (2016) - (C) Eckart Senitza

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