Pro Silva España

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Marc Garfella Ruiz

Estricadors 17-19, 3er, 2ona
17820 Banyoles


cellphone: +34-637-783194


Jesús Garitacelaya

Amaya 28,3
31004 Pamplona

e-mail: jgaritacelaya(at)

phone: +34-619-461965

Grégori Miaillier



  • members: 45
  • yearly events: 2
  • exemplary forests: unknown
  • reference stands: some are existing
  • martelloscopes: 0
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Pro Silva España

It is a Spanish non-profit association, founded in 1996. The association is integrated in ProSilva Europe with whom it shares its principles and objectives.

ProSilva Spain aims to promote, disseminate, research and discuss forest management close to nature, understood as the set of principles, criteria, methods, techniques, activities, actions and organizations that allow the conservation and multiple and sustainable use of forest areas and landscapes in which they are integrated. Management close to nature is based on the consideration of the mountain and forest as an ecosystem whose structure and functioning indicate guidelines for action, supporting and respecting the natural dynamic, increasing biodiversity and obtaining stable complex structures in dynamic equilibrium.

For the fulfillment of these ends ProSilva carries out the following activities:

  • Promotion, realization and publication of studies, books and periodical magazines.
  • Organization of seminars, conferences, congresses, scientific meetings and study trips in order to exchange information and disseminate management close to nature.
  • Meetings and excursions in the mountains managed according to the principles close to nature.
  • Collaboration with administrations, public and private bodies, universities, research centres, private owners and other national or foreign institutions, in as many tasks as may be useful for achieving the aims of the association.

Since 2008, ProSilva has been promoting and coordinating a network of woodlands in which management using these criteria is being carried out or is going to be initiated.

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