Pro Silva Portugal

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Joao P. Fidalgo Carvalho

Rua Prof. Joao Pena
5000 Vila Real

e-mail: jpfc(at)

phone: +352-259-350886



Rui Pedro Ferreira

e-mail: ruipedro.ferreira(at) 



  • members: 8
  • yearly events: 2 yearly excursions, participation in international meetings
  • exemplary forests: Tras-os-Montes region (cork oak)
  • reference stands: in preparation
  • martelloscopes: some existing
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Pro Silva Portugal

Close-to-Nature Silviculture

Pro Silva silviculture favours the conciliation of the economy with ecology, contributing to a sustainable, multifunctional, integrated and profitable forest.

It is a way of intervention that makes possible to combine ecological, economic and social elements, making use of procedures and techniques that act in accordance with natural processes, in the tending and regeneration of forest stands, respecting the balance of the natural cycles, and considering the forest ecosystem as a whole.

It promotes strategies that seek the maintenance and use of forest ecosystems so that ecological and socio-economic functions are sustainable and viable. The general approach includes ecosystem goods and services.

Pro Silva silviculture seeks to secure and combine the following four main functions and benefits:

  •   biodiversity conservation
  •   soil and forest microclimate protection
  •   production of wood and non-wood goods
  •   promotion of recreation, leisure and cultural aspects
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