Pro Silva France

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Evrard De Turckheim
7 rue du Modenberg
67110 - Dambach


cellphone +33-688-219045


Antoine Cadoret
10 ruer Girardet
54000 - Nancy
cellphone +33-317-996961

International delegate

délégué général:
Nicolas Luigi
Le Clos St Sylvestre
1 rue des plantiers
04100 Manosque
cellphone: +33-6-71901600

mail : nicolas.luigi(at)


Marc-Etienne Wilhelm

16, route de Bernardswiller
67210 - Obernai

e-mail: marcetienne.wilhelm(at)

cellphone: +33-623-246166




  • members: 450
  • yearly events : 1 excursion with general assembly + sometimes an excursion abroad
  • in 2018, national 2 days seminar in Strasbourg
  • participation in international meetings
  • exemplary forests: La forêt du Nouvion, La forêt de Dambach, La forêt de Bouscadié, La forêt de Landsberg, Le Pin Maritime
  • reference stands:
  • martelloscopes: under construction
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Pro Silva France Conference 2018

Pro Silva France hold a big conference in Strassbourg. There are several video statements published on Youtube. Here you can listen to former president Prof. Jean-Philippe Schütz in french language:

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Pro Silva France

Pro Silva is an association of foresters gathered to promote irregular, continuous and close to nature forestry (SICPN).

Pro Silva silviculture is based on quality management and aims to respect the natural processes of forest ecosystems, while being economically viable.

The strategy adopted aims to optimise the production of forest stands in a sustainable and profitable manner while integrating the ecological and social functions assigned to them. This tree silviculture makes it possible to obtain sustained and regular income while having multifunctional, continuous and stable forests.

Pro Silva France is a national association that is divided into regional groups, whose operating base is based on forest tours.
Pro Silva France is integrated at European level into Pro Silva Europe, which brings together 24 countries and more than 6,000 foresters with the same silvicultural concepts.

Organisation and Activity of the Pro Silva Association

The Pro Silva France association is organised into 13 regional groups, each with a president, assisted by one or two leaders, in charge of organising forest tours, which are the basis of the association's operations.

These technical tours are always the subject of forest visits, with a variety of stands, which make it possible to illustrate one or more specific themes. The technical days are the ideal places to meet, to share your experience, to present a given management method, to exchange ideas and to advance the debates.

The Pro Silva tours have the originality to be the only place where the meeting and exchange of ideas take place between private and public foresters, which enriches and considerably increases the discussions. - Nothing is more relevant in forestry than to illustrate in a concrete way a theme or words in the field, especially when the audience is composed of managers and owners from different backgrounds.
Pro Silva's activity is focused on:

  • The professional training of its members by:
  • the organization of internships, excursions, study trips (in France and abroad),
  • experimentation and observation in the forest,
  • the exchange of information and literature, in particular through a quarterly newsletter: La Lettre de PRO SILVA FRANCE
  • the establishment of a European network of demonstration forests, treated according to the principles indicated above.
  • The presentation of proposals for forest research and teaching.
  • Collaboration in the conduct of certain studies.
  • Influencing forest policy to improve the general conditions for continuous, sustainable and close to nature forest management.
Pro Silva France and AFI

Pro Silva France has the longest tradition in cooperation with AFI (Association Futaie Irrégulière). This led to the setup of over 100 AFI plots in France, partly of them were undertaken three inventories in the meantime.
In parallel there were several martelloskopes installed and exercises carries out.

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Fotos (C) 2022 - Eckart Senitza - Afi Meeting Chalons - Oak Forests

Fotos (C) 2018 Eckart Senitza - Alsace

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