Pro Silva Greece

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Nikolaos Grigoriadis
Senior Researcher at Forest Resarch Institute of Thessaloniki
57 006 Vassilka, Thessaloniki,

e-mail: grig_nick(at)


tel: +30 2310 461171 (234)
cellphone: +30 6977998777


Marios Trigkas

e-mail:  mtrigkas(at)




  • members: 20
  • yearly events: meetings
  • exemplary forests: forest of Sotria (Edessa) Oak forest, Forest of Olympiada (Ariana)
  • reference stands:
  • martelloscopes: under construction
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Pro Silva Greece

Pro Silva Greece is a subdivision of the Hellenic Forest Society. Nikos Grigoriadis is at the same time president of the hellenic forest society and Pro Silva Greece.

They are organizing excursions and organizing the hellenic forestry congress, as a two day event with presentations of scientific papers.

They hosted the Pro Silva annual meeting in Thessaloniki in the year 2013.

Pro Silva Greece will establish a monitoring system according the Prosilva Europe guidelines and plan the measures towards continouus cover forestry. Additional they plan to invite coleagues from others countries exchanging experience. 

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foto gallery from Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2013 Thessaloniki - (C) Eckart Senitza

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