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Charles Debois
Rue Nanon 98
5000 Namur

e-mail charles.debois(at)

cellphone: +32-478-669547

international delegate

Christine Sanchez

Rue Nanon 98
5000 Namur

e-mail c.sanchez(at)

cellphone: +32-485-456541


  • members: 95
  • yearly events: 2 excursions and 2 commitee meetings
  • exemplary forests: 3 (more under developement)
  • reference stands: 3
  • martelloscopes: 1-5 under construction
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Pro Silva Wallonie

Pro Silva Wallonie is an association of foresters (owners, managers, professionals and friends of the forest) united to promote irregular, continuous and close to nature silviculture (SICPN). Pro Silva silviculture is based on quality management and aims to respect the natural processes of forest ecosystems, while being economically viable. The strategy adopted aims to optimise the production of forest stands in a sustainable and profitable manner while integrating the ecological and social functions assigned to them. This tree silviculture makes it possible to obtain sustained and regular income while having multifunctional, continuous and stable forests. Pro Silva Wallonie is an association that aims to promote this forestry in the Wallonian region.

Pro Silva Wallonie was created in 1992 in Belgium on the initiative of Albert VAN ZUYLEN and the Luxembourg centre of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). From 2000 to 2010, the Pro Silva Wallonie association was chaired by Michel LETOCART. The current president is Charles DEBOIS. The objectives of Pro Silva Wallonie are the same as those of the other sections of Pro Silva Europe, adapted to the Wallonian context.

An independant association (Forêt Wallonne asbl) closely linked to Pro Silva Wallonia has 3 functional ”marteloscopes” used for irregular forest training.
Pro Silva Wallonie edited a comprehensive booklet about "Pro Silva Silviculture" which in the meantime is available in French, English and German language and is distibuted in Belgium, France, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

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