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Erwin Schmid

Weinbergstrasse 15
8090 - Zürich

e-mail: erwin.schmid(at)

phone: +41-79-2789959


Stephan Hatt

Geibelstrasse 20
8037 Zürich

e-mail: mail(at)

cellphone: +41-79-6992401


  • members: 260
  • yearly events: 2-3 excursions, marking exercises, participation in international meetings
  • exemplary forests: best examples presented by Pro Silva Helvetica
  • reference stands: 6 AFI plots - Andelfingen 2012/2017, Hallau 2013/2018, Grenchen 2014/2018, Geneva 2015, Zurich 2019
  • martelloscopes: About 30 marteloscope from competence centre of silviculture, most of them with CCF promotion.

See on the Internet home page Waldbau-Sylviculture.

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Pro Silva Switzerland

Definition of permanent forest

In the naturally managed forest, in the permanent forest, no extensive cuts are carried out. The mature trees are used individually. This leads to an uneven structure, which maintains or increases soil fertility, ensures automatic forest renewal, and optimises the permanent high-quality use of wood and operational safety. This ensures a high level of economic efficiency. In addition, a multifunctional, socially acceptable forest is created.

Unlike the Plenter forest, the permanent forest is not defined by its structure, but by the silvicultural will of the forest owner or manager.


Holistic preservation and care of the local forest ecosystem

  • Consideration of relief, soil, microclimate, forest community, fauna and flora
  • Application of a silviculture technique that includes harvesting timber, the promotion of young talent and the selective education of tree individuals in the same operation
  • Care and promotion of the individual tree and thus optimum exploitation of the individual performance potential of each tree
  • Harvesting the elite trees shortly before they reach their highest economic value
  • Use on the entire forested area of the farm individually or in groups at intervals of 3 to 8 years without bordering.
  • Rejuvenation under umbrella in the light wells that are created during use; no labour-intensive interventions in forest management
  • Exploitation of the natural selection and differentiation process
  • Promotion of the texture, i.e. the distribution and mixing of old and young, thick and thin trees.
  • Striving for high vitality and, as a result, sustained high mechanical and biological stability of the individual tree through optimisation between the trunk of valuable timber and the green crown.
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foto gallery from 25th anniversary Pro Silva Switzerland (2017), Pro Silva Annual Meeting (2014) - (C) Eckart Senitza

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