Pro Silva Nederland

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René Olthof
Hoog Soeren 3
7346 AB Hoog Soeren

e-mail: r.olthof(at)

cellphone: +31-6-51109024



Martijn Griek

Bos en Hout support
Kokermolen 118
3994 DG Houten

e-mail: prosilva(at)
phone: +31-30-6930040

international delegate

Martijn Boosten
p/a Stichting Probos
Hollandseweg 7g
6700 AG Wageningen

e-mail: martijn.boosten(at)

cellphone: 31-6-30924229

further board members are Wouter Delforterie, David Borgman and Boudewijn Swart.


  • members: 537 members of Royal Dutch Forest Society, including 33 Pro Silva committee members (excursion leaders)
  • yearly events: 2 excursions for anyone who is interested, 2 thematic meetings for committee members, participation in international meetings
  • exemplary forests: in progress
  • reference stands: Kroondomein Het Loo, Emmer Dennen
  • martelloscopes: a few (for internal use), in collaboration with SBB (Dutch State Forest), Kroondomein Het Loo (Royal Forest Estate) and the WUR (Wageningen University and Research
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Pro Silva Nederland

Pro Silva Nederland is a committee of the Royal Dutch Forestry Association (KNBV). All of approximately five hundred members of the KNBV are automatically "members" of Pro Silva. The committee Pro Silva aims to gather knowledge about Close-to-Nature forestry and Continuous Cover forestry and to exchange experiences. Pro Silva serves as a discussion platform for foresters, forest-owners, researchers and policy makers about practical Close-to-Nature forest management under the Dutch circumstances.

Pro Silva Excursions

The commission Pro Silva annually organizes an excursion in spring and autumn with a certain theme concerning Pro Silva forestry. Each excursion has approximately 75 participants and is distributed over 3 more or less identically organized days. The Pro Silva principals are the starting point for the discussion during these excursions

The excursions are for anyone interested in contemporary close-to-nature forest management. Besides discussion, the excursions offer many opportunities to meet fellow foresters. During the excursions, discussion takes place in small groups of 5 to 10 people with whom the forest is viewed and assessed in relation to the excursion theme. Then in general the group will discuss the possibilities and potentials of the forest from a Pro Silva point-of-view.

Participants in the excursions come from different backgrounds. The participants include forest-owners, forest-managers, policy makers, ecologists, researchers and students. Everyone contributes to a lively discussion in his or her own way.

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foto gallery from visit to kroondomein het loo (2018) - (C) Eckart Senitza

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