Pro Silva Lituanus

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Valda Araminiené
Savanoriu pr. 314-44
LT-49452 Kaunas

e-mail: valda.araminiene(at)

cellphone: +370-62-964242

Dr. Valda Araminiené is working as senior researcher at the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Department for Ecology in Kaunas.



Milvydè Žickuté

e-mail: milwyde(at)

cellphone: +370-69-606412




  • members: 3
  • yearly events: excursions, participation in international meetings (EFI SURE, etc.)
  • exemplary forests: not yet
  • reference stands: interest in AFI plots
  • martelloscopes: interest in setting up some
  • projects:
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Pro Silva Lituanus

“Pro silva Lituanus” was established in 2017 as an independent association. This organization is part of Pro Silva Europe and promotes ist principles.

The Association “Pro Silva Lituanus” is a new organization. At the moment it has just 3 official members. But there are more peoples who interested in possibility to join. Also there is one forest plot which is managed according Pro Silva principles about one year already. So this is big possibility to have it like exemplary forest plot. At the moment in Lithuania are lot of discussions about changes in forest policy so this might be good context for growth potential political influence of the organisation. Pro silva Lituanus will do everything what is possible to start work more actively, to increase importance of close-to-nature forest management system in Lithuania and to start cooperation in international level.

Anticipated plans for next year (2019):

  1. To organize information workshop;
  2. To establish exemplary forest plot;
  3. To increase number of association “Pro silva Lituanus” members;
  4. To publish article about Pro Silva Europe and Pro silva Lituanus in popular Lithuanian foresters journal.
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