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Sampo Manninen
Silva Association for Continuous Cover Forestry
Maantie 1
11100 - Riihimäki
e-mail: sampo.manninen(at)
cellphone +385-40-5150880
association reg.num.: 223.372, Business ID: 2992986-8

executive director

Annuka Valkeapää

Maantie 1
11100 Riihimäki
mail: annukka.valkeapaa(at)

cellphone: +385-40-5515601

secretary of the board

Arja Alikoivisto

e-mail: arja.alikoivisto(at)

cellphone: +385-50-3038293




  • Members: 131
  • Publication of the Silva Forest Calculator, that shows how various forest management affect to nutrient leakage, carbon balance and economy:
  • Seminar on Solution to decrease nutrient leakages from forests in September 2022. This was at the same time publication seminar for the Silva Forest Calculator
  • Continuous Cover Forestry learning material made together with all universities of applied sciences that teach forestry in Finland. The material is already available in Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. The translations were funded by the Finnish Ministry of Environment)]
  • A guidebook to CCF Forestry will be published in spring 2023 together with commercial publisher. This will be a commonly interesting and beautiful book written by two highly appreciated journalists who got Finlandia-literature award 2019. The publisher is already advertising the book and it will be on stores by the end of March.
  • Practical demonstration of CCF logging in West-Finland 16.2. 2022. There was approx. 50 participants, mostly media and forestry professionals.
  • Further, Silva has given (invited) statements for forest related hearings: EU commissions Restoration decree; forestry subsidies
  • Publication of new webpages
  • News and blogs from CCF related issues on the website (in Finnish)
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Cooperation Silva - Innofor- Science

Interest in continuous over forestry is increasing in all countries in N Europe as the benefits of the method to biodiversity, water quality, carbon sequestration and non-timber uses of forests become better understood and appreciated. The economics of the method in Finland have been extensively studied by professors Erkki Lähde, Timo Pukkala and Olli Tahvonen, all of whom have co-operated with Innofor and whose insights have been vital for the method to gain wider acceptance. -

For more information, contact Innofor's Board Chair and founder Marcus Walsh:  marcus.walsh(at)

Pro Silva Finlandia

In the annual meeting of 2022 in Luxembourg Pro Silva accepted Finnish CCF Association Silva (ry = registered organisation) as Pro Silva Finlandia as full member of Pro Silva. Pro Silva Finlandia promotes the use, knowledge and research concerning continuous cover forestry together with researchers and forestry professionals working on the field.

Birth and activities of the association

Silva was founded in December 2018 out of concern about the deterioration of forest biodiversity and water quality and forest structures becoming more homogenous. The founders of the association wanted to influence the management of Finnish commercial forests to take better account of the environment and forest owners' perspectives, while at the same time producing high-quality wood, especially for long-lived wood products. Read more about the founding of Silva here.

The core of the association's activities is to share diverse, comprehensive and researched information on sustainable forest management. We organize events ourselves and participate in events in the field. We promote change in the forestry sector by producing and publishing material for forest owners and current and future forestry professionals.

Why become a member?

As a member, you will be involved in reforming the management of Finland's forests to a more environmentally friendly direction. You will receive up-to-date information on continuous forest management. You will also have access to seminars, training events and other events either free of charge or at a lower cost than other participants.

With us, you can also stay up-to-date with the latest information on forest management, as we are constantly publishing new information on forest management.

Understanding all the benefits from the forest

Continuous cover forestry enables many objectives to be achieved in commercial forests. Silva promotes the knowledge and use of continuous forest management. We share information on the method and related research in collaboration with forestry stakeholders and top experts.

We promote the use of continuous cover forestry in forest management.

The future of our forests lies in continuous regeneration. It is economically viable, preserves the recreational and natural values of the forest and safeguards carbon stocks. It is also economically wise. Join us to accelerate the change!

Silva's activites for teaching and learning

Silva produced an open web-based study material on CCF, which was made to support both teaching and individual learning. It is made together with all universities of applied sciences that teach forestry in Finland. The material includes a module ”Basics for continuous cover forestry”, two additional modules (see below) and includes practical examples of CCF in Finnish forests. The material was published in a webinar in February 2023 and is now free to use for anyone.

  • The Basics of Continuous Cover Foresty include chapters about history, definitions, forest owner’s values and goals, ecological basics, natural regeneration, cutting methods, tree production and profitability, environmental impacts and ecosystem services, risks for forest damage
  • Additional Modules are offered: northern forests, impact on species
  • 4 examples where they have made recent CCF cuttings in different parts of Finland.

The teaching activities include a few webinars every year and practical demonstrations on loggings together with forestry service companies specialized in CCF. We are also applying funding to offer an educational package for forest-owners.

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