Anne Hürzeler-De Turkheim

Contact Information

Dipl. Forsting. Anne Huerzeler

Hauptstraße 29

8775 Luchsingen


phone: +41-55-6432444
cell-phone: +41-79-2419243
e-mail: huerzeler.anne(at)

SKYPE: huerzeler4458

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Treasurer: Anne Hürzeler (Switzerland)

Anne Hürzeler-de Turckheim, born in Strasbourg, first three years living in Truttenhausen, then near Paris and on holidays in Alsace, from 1979 to 1984 studies at SFIT (ETH) in Zurich, autumn 1984 diploma of forest engineer (today MSc.), 1984 till spring 1987 working in the Coopérative forestière du Nouvion, helping my father to establish the 1st CCF-managed plan. 1987 – 2002 different management and others forest projects in Switzerland, 1992 founder member of the ANW Switzerland (to day Pro Silva Switzerland) and election as member of her board, where I am still the treasurer. 2013 election in the board of Pro Silva as treasurer.

Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries