Jurij Diaci

Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Jurij Diaci
University of Ljubljana - Biotechnical Faculty
Dep. of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources
Vecna Pot 83
1000 Ljubljana

cellphone: +386-41-295379

e-mail: jurij.diaci(at)

SKYPE: jurijdiaci




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Board Member: Jurij Diaci (Slovenia)

Professor Jurij Diaci is the head of Chair of silviculture and head of the Research Unit at the Biotechnical faculty, Department of Forestry, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He studied forestry in Slovenia and at the ETH Zürich in Switzerland, where he defended PhD on regeneration ecology of forests. During his employment in mountain region of Nazarje in Savinja Alps he gained practical experience in silviculture. His research interest involves silviculture, forest ecology, old-growth forests and close-to-nature / ecological forestry. He was in charge of more than 20 national research projects, collaborated in several international projects (e.g. BEAR, NATMAN, LISS) and is fascinated with networking science and practice. He is a member of the Board of the Pahernik Foundation, which manages 600 ha of exemplary uneven-aged forests. Web Pages:

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