Romanian Interest Group

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Florian Borlea

Sirul Beethowen Str.1
Brasov, Romania

e-mail: prosilvaromania(at)


mobile: +40-741-331938

international delegate

Mihail Hanzu

e-mail mihal.hanzu(at)



more info about forest destruction in Romania


  • we never recieved any report about activities
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Romanian Interest Group

"Asociatia Pentru o Silvicultura Aproape de Natura"
Facultatea de Silvicultura si Exploatari Forestiere
was founded at the University in Brasov 2018.

president – Borlea Gheorghe Florian, vicepresidente – Dragoi Marian, secretary & treasurer – Popa Bogdan

promoting forest management strategies to optimize the structure of forest ecosystems in close relation to the diversity of local conditions so that ecosystem services / ecological and socio-economic functions are achieved in a sustainable and profitable manner.

There is still an unclear situation about the name, the constitution and the members, as well as the legitimation of the founders.

Mihail Hanzu

Mihail is forest engineer since 2007 and has been working in forestry since then. He has a PhD in forest biometrics in 2011. He is currently working in research in Romania, but during the ten years of activity he worked as an Associate Professor and researcher in Switzerland, but also in a forest detour in Romania as a background engineer forestier.

He is concerned with ecologically based forestry and the implementation of forestry research results in responsible forestry policies in the context of climate change. One of his main concern is saving the virgin forests in Romania.

Pro Silva Romania ?

We still hope that there will come the founding of an independed organization in Romania, that clearly fights agains the unlegal practices and gathers young people with open mind and spirit.

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foto gallery from Pro Silva Annual Meeting + extra excursions (2017) - (C) Eckart Senitza

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