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Invitiation to Pro Silva to New Hampshire

First Feedback from Zander Evans (Executive Director of FSG)

I like the look of the website. It is modern and functional. It is easy to find information and engaging.

I’m pleased to have the Guild connected to ProSilva and to be in the company of our friends at the New England Forestry Foundation.

Invitation to New Hampshire (7th-8th June 2019)

We would like to invite any ProSilva members to join us in June for a field day and membership gathering in New Hampshire. I think it could be a great addition to travel in the US for ProSilva members. To learn more please see: "Stone Fence Farm Guild Gathering"

Also, the Guild is hosting opportunities to learn more about prescribed fire. If members of ProSilva are interested in learning how to implement controlled burns, there are opportunities in both the eastern and western US.

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