Sinca Declaration

published 2017 after the annual meeting in Romania

Pro Silva Europa held its annual meeting 2017 in Romania. Participants from all over Europe met in Sibiu and spent three fascinating days in the forests of Romania. We visited the state forests in Avrig, the research forest south of the Carpathians in Mihaesti and the famous pristine forest near Sinca. We are very impressed and thankful to our Romanian colleagues, who presented some of the best examples of nature orientated forestry and pure nature forest, as a reference and laboratory for important scientific work.

We met very passionate foresters and researchers that well represent the spirit of Pro Silva and are active to implement the Pro Silva principles in their practical silvicultural work. We learned a lot about the demanding multipurpose goals that active forest management should deliver for Romanian economy and society.

In that case the Pro Silva approach offers good opportunities to implement active integrated forest management that may full fill multiple goals and at the same time is able to switch between changing goals far more easily than static forest management regulations allow.

Therefore we want to encourage all our Romanian colleagues and management officers to implement nature oriented silvicultural systems. Successful implementation requires passionate personalities, which may use their individual initiative to find the best solution, according to the different site, stand and forest history conditions. Therefore we also encourage all decision makers to offer enough freedom for individual decisions and responsibility for the best silvicultural treatment according to the special condition in the forest sites.

We found passionate well educated forest colleagues that support our ideas. With this basic nucleus in mind we encourage them and we want to give them the best support we can deliver to establish an independent Pro Silva organisation in Romania, than could be the starting point for a wider acknowledgement of the Pro Silva principles in Romania and their successful implementation for a future forestry.

Eckart Senitza, 30.6.2017, Sinca
President Pro Silva Europa

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