Published after the founding of PRO SILVA, 22nd September 1989, Robanov Kot, Slovenia.

Declaration of Robanov Kot

Following a meeting held from 18 to 22 September 1989 in Slovenia, a group of foresters from ten European countries has created a "European Union of Foresters with Management Concepts close to nature". The union has given itself the name of:


This decision is motivated by the multiple dangers to which the forest is exposed.

PR0 SILVA has set itself the task of promoting a Europe-wide movement for forests stable, healthy and productive. It believes that the traditional forest economy must evolve towards global ecosystem management forest, in order to guarantee its productivity and stability.

The option of patient silviculture that respects natural laws promotes diversity, sustainable development and sustainable development. structural richness and natural regeneration of forests composed of species in stations. The aims of the Union are as follows:

  • establish collaboration and mutual support between countries,
  • actively encourage the initiative and work of field foresters, forest owners and friends of the forest,
  • promote and organise the exchange of experience, in particular through the example of pilot forests managed in accordance with the principles of the Union,
  • ask forestry research and education to give priority to the study of the forest biocenosis in its entirety.
  • encourage any legislation that respects the forest ecosystem,
  • to maintain contacts between all those who consider it necessary to improve the stability and vitality of the European forest to enable it to best perform the various functions that are the its own: economic production, protection, relaxation and conservation of the landscape.

Forest owners, silviculturists and friends of the forest, willing to actively collaborate in the in pursuit of the Union's aims are requested to contact one of the signatories of this call.

  • Mr. F. BESSIERES, ENITEF Les Barres, 45290 Nogent sur Vernisson (Tel: 38 97 60 20)
  • Mr. M. HUBERT, IDF, Le Francport, 60750 Choisy au Lac (Tel: 44 40 23 90)
  • Mr. B. de TURCKHEIM, President of PRO SILVA, 67140 Truttenhausen (tel: 88 08 96 04)
  • M. LA FAVRE, 9, chemin de la Brena, CH-2013 Colombier
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