Liam Byrne

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Contact Information

Liam Byrne

Woodland Contractor & Sawmiller
Barnbawn Road
Glenealy - Ireland

cell phone: +353-87-6813640


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Liam Byrne (Ireland) - extended board

Liam Byrne is a long-standing member of Pro Silva Ireland and served as a committee member for many years before being elected as chair from 2019-2023. Together with other members of Pro Silva Ireland, he has contributed to policy initiatives that support the development of continuous cover forestry in Ireland. He chaired the successful Pro Silva Annual Meeting, in June 2023, held in County Wicklow, Ireland.

Liam works as a woodland contractor with his family forestry and timber business. He has particular expertise in working closely with woodland owners and managers to deliver high quality outcomes from thinning, harvesting and other forestry operations. He has been actively involved for more than 20 years in transforming woodlands to continuous cover forestry. More recently, Liam’s work has extended to support research, practical demonstrations and training in multi-functional forests that meet the needs of both people and nature. 

Liam has a special interest in promoting the social dimension of sustainable forestry, connecting woodland owners, foresters and forestry contractors, and reaching out to engage the wider public.

Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries