Pro Silva Bulgaria

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Ivaylo Velichkov

132 St.Kl.Ohridski blvd.
1756 - Sofia

e-mail: ivo_velichkov(at)

phone: +359-887-312208

  • Forest Research Institute at BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Department for Silviculture
  • Associate professor
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Pro Silva Bulgaria

Pro Silva Bulgaria was formaly founded, has an own constitution, but had no activities since then.

We encourage them for further delevopement and invite them to international meetings.

Ivaylo works at the department for silviculture and has good contacts amoung his collegues.

Please contact him to bring life back to Pro Silva Bulgaria !

Ivaylo Velichkov works for the Forest Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria as an associate professor, PHD. His main research interests include multi-functional forest management, stakeholder analyses, forest policy. Most important projects with his participation:

  • State and prospects of the Castanea sativa population in Belasitsa Mountain: climate change adaptation, maintenance of biodiversity and sustainable ecosystem management. Assigned by EEA Grants (European Economic Area grants). Ref. No. BG 0031 EEA FM. Period of implementation: 2009–2011. Chief project manager: Dr Tzvetan Zlatanov. Participation: Project coordinator.
  • Advanced multifunctional forest management in European mountain ranges (ARANGE). FP7 (KBBE.2011.1.2-07), Ref. No. 289437. Period of implementation: 2012–2015. Participation: expert.
  • Improved mountainous forest management for sustainable provision of ecosystem services under climate change (MFORES). Assigned by EEA Grants (European Economic Area grants). Ref. No. D-33-64/13.07.2015. Period of implementation: 2015–2016. Participation: Project manager.
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photo gallery (C) by Tzvetan Zlatanov and Georgi Hinkov

Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries