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executive director AlbaForest Center

Mehmet Metaj

Rruga “George W. Bush”, nr. 54/1, 1017, P.O.Box. 1732
Tirana - Albania

tel/fax +355-0-4309193
cellphone +355-682-092008  

e-mail: mehmet.metaj(at)

Skype: metaj.mehmet


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Albaforest center & projects run (2005-2016)

AlbaForest Center established in 24.09.2004 as an environmental NGO in Albania that promotes sustainable natural resources management and conducts studies and projects on natural resources management and applied projects concerning the land conservation, forest and natural resources management, mountain and watershed’s management, renewable energy and environmental education issues. (

AlbaForest has worked intensively in the field of natural resources management and rural economy livelihoods improvement issues in Albania . It has already acquired a rich experience in implementing projects related to the field of natural resources management, forestry, watersheds management, eco-tourism, urban environmental improvement and green areas rehabilitation, climate change, renewable energy and environmental education.

The organization main activity is focused on:

Natural resources management, forestry, reforestation, watershed management, protected areas management, rural development, erosion control, climate change, renewable energy, urban greenness installation, environmental education, etc.

Albaforest is the nucleus to establish a formal Pro Silva Albania organisation. Meanwhile they are guests at the international Pro Silva meetings.

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National Federation of Communal Forests and Pastures in Albania

Another contact in Albania leads to the National Federation of Communal Forests and Pastures FUANFCFPA. They are working in rural communities and represent forest users within local communities:

National Federation of Communal Forests and Pastures of Albania
Rr. Bulevardi Zogu I,Godina ZP Kati II-të, Tiranë
Tiranë – Shqipëri

download info about National Federation of Communal Forests and Pastures
Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries