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Pro Silva promotes the following two upcoming events that will conclude the "European Network Integrate" organised by EFI (Bonn) and their partners - also from Pro Silva.

Integration and Segregation

Multiple scales for nature conservation in sustainable forest management

30-31 October 2019, Rold Forest, Denmark

Mogens Krog, also board member of Pro Silva Denmark,working at the Ministry of the Environment and Food of Denmark, Nature Agency send us the following invitation:

Following up on our invitation below, this is to provide you with more information on the 5th meeting of the European Network Integrate in Rold Forest 29-31 October in Denmark.

The two events under the Danish Chairmanship have the overarching topic: “Multiple scales for nature conservation in sustainable forest management: integration and segregation”.

The meeting in Rold Forest focus on two main topics: a) assessing options and effects of integrating biodiversity conservation in forests, and b) the involvement of stakeholders and society in planning and implementing such measures. Starting from the Danish examples, we seek to have an open and insightful exchange of experiences across countries, and between researcher, policy experts and forest managers.

Changing societal demands and a changing climate are putting new pressure to find the right balance between the resources and services our forests can provide.
Drawing on the Danish examples of close-to-nature forest management and set-aside forests, and putting it into perspective with experiences from other European countries, we want to elaborate on the following questions:

  • How is biodiversity conservation addressed in forest policy and management with regards to the interplay of integration and segregation?
  • How are society and experts involved in planning and implementation of forest management?
  • What lessons can be learnt across countries in Europe?

While our first event will focus on integration, the second event will focus on segregation and will put both into perspective. We look forward to having insightful discussions with you!

For registration and further information go to  (deadline 1 October 2019)

Contact: Mogens Krog <mokro(at)>

More in formation can be found on the EFI website

here you can download the Detailled Programme

Final Conference

Governing and managing forests for multiple ecosystem services across the globe

February 26-28, 2020 - Research Centre CAESAR, Bonn, Germany

Forests are among the planet’s most important human life-supporting ecosystems. A variety of forest management concepts, such as sustainable forest management, ecosystem-based management, close-to-nature-forestry or multifunctional forestry have been developed to accommodate distinct social demands in different contexts.

Such forest management approaches are embedded in complex policy contexts, that build on a large variety of policies and initiatives. Governing and managing forests for multiple ecosystem services has for a long time been an important paradigm.

Furthermore, several factors that influence both forest policies and management originate from other sectors, such as agriculture, environment, energy, and rural development. At the same time, major global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, rising demands for products and services due to global population and economic growth, and urbanisation affect the way how forests are and can be governed and managed.


The conference objective is to compile and synthesise the scientific evidence related to the current state of integrated forest management approaches. This can be understood as approaches where both policy and forest management provide a multitude of services at the same time, either at the forest stand or at the forest landscape level.

The conference brings together academic researchers from different disciplines such as policy analysis, ecology, economics, forest (ecosystem) management and conservation. It also will engage policymakers and practitioners.

(C) EFi, Bonn

Call for papers is now open

The conference invites contributions (conference papers or posters) on the following major questions:

  • How are trade-offs and synergies between different forest ecosystem services perceived, governed and managed across Europe and beyond?
  • What concepts exist for integrated forest management, what drives them (policy/market/environmental change/social demands), including their implementation, and what are their prospects for the future?
  • What do we know about the impact of such management concepts for ecological structures and interactions in forests, and how are these linked to specific “outcomes” (biodiversity, ecosystem services)?

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more details your find here for Programme and Registration
Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries