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Pro Silva promotes the following two upcoming events that will conclude the "European Network Integrate" organised by EFI (Bonn) and their partners - also from Pro Silva.

Integration and Segregation

Multiple scales for nature conservation in sustainable forest management

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Due to Corona restrictions the meeting in Grib forest (Denmark) was transformed into an online Webinar.

28th September 2020 - Webinar

Keynote speakers:

  • Erik Buchwald (Danish Nature Agency)
  • Yoan Paillet (National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture, France)
  • Kris Vandekerkhove (Research Institute, Nature and Forest, INBO, Belgium)
  • Jacob Heilmann-Clausen (Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Moderator: Georg Winkel (European Forest Institute)

Register here. - The complete agenda is available online

We will discuss the challenges of setting aside forests for conservation, the importance of data on species and their ecology in the selection of sites and the issue of forest restoration and tools to stimulate old growth elements and diversification of even aged forest stands.

This is the second of two events organised by Denmark as Chair of the Network under the theme: Multiple scales for nature conservation in sustainable forest management: integration and segregation. There would be a complementary meeting for national focal points after the webinar to discuss upcoming publications, participation in EU Commission working groups, lessons learnt, the way forward and others. More information will follow.

"How to balance forestry and biodiversity?"

A view across Europe

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9th to 10th November - virtual conference (Zoom)

Various project initiatives over the past years have dealt with the topic of integrative forest management. The question on how to improve the situation for endangered species in multifunctional managed forests (see e.g. INTEGRATE, INTEGRATE+, INFORMAR and oFOREST) is key and these initiatives have thus provided a good overview of the state of biodiversity in European forests. This topic is well established now both at the political level and across Europe, but is also taken up in other parts of the world, mainly in regions which are meeting resource demands of other countries that are/plan to set aside large forest areas. It is thus essential that existing knowledge, experiences and good practices on integrative forest management are made available to all actors in forestry and nature conservation at the implementation level in order to promote biodiversity within the framework of multifunctional forest management. This should not only include information provision but also allow for field visits and training opportunities. In 2020 the publication ”How to balance forestry and biodiversity? – A view across Europe” will be launched. It includes a large number of case study examples on integrative forest management approaches.

The Conference on “How to balance forestry and biodiversity conservation? A view across Europe”, organised by oForest (WSL) and by the EFI Integrated Network will be held from 9th-10th of November 2020 in virtual format.

Looking forward to seeing you in November, Frank, Andi and Andreas

Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries