Complementary "Pro Silva Meeting"

The meeting in Châlons-en-Champagne offered the chance of a kind of complementary meeting togehter with the Annual Meeting in Luxembourg in June 2022.

Almost 30 % of the participants are also representatives of Pro Silva from Germany, Spain, Belgium, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland and Switzerland.

The informal meetings beside the congress could be used to meet friends and expand the network of Pro Silva.

Video presention AFI

AFI 2nd International Days 2022

International Conference of AFI with 120 participants from all over Europe

Châlons-en-Champagne 12th - 13th May 2022

On May 12 and 13, 2022 the international days of the Irregular Forest Association took place in Châlons-en-Champagne. A comprehensive programme with special keynote speakers, an overview about all ongoing activities and an one day excursion to two AFI-Plots were offered.

All presentations and also the field trip were translated simultaneously into three languages. Great work !


  • Introduction by Julien Tomasini, AFI Chairman and Forestry Expert
  • Review of AFI's 30 years of work by Roland Susse, AFI Honorary Chairman and forest expert - Challenges regarding ecosystems.
  • Marc-André Sélosse, professor at the National Museum of Natural History and biologist, specialist in micology and botany
  • Antoine Kremer, researcher emeritus at INRAE and PhD in quantitative genetics

Contributions of the AFI network to the new challenges

  • Risk management by Max Bruciamacchie, professor at the AgroParis University of Applied Sciences in Nancy and scientific director of AFI
  • Forest carbon by Marie-Laure Martin, forest engineer
  • Contribution of the partner countries of the AFI network from England, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany
  • Ongoing and future partnerships: Austria, Italy, Spain
  • The AFI International Network : Synthesis and Future Prospects by Phil Morgan, Forestry Consultant and AFI Vice-Chair for International Divisions

Find on the Youtube channel of the association the results of these days and all the conferences!

here you find all Videos

Field Trip

Guided tour of AFI observation plot n°17 in Belval-en-Argonne by Roland Susse, forest manager, AFI Honorary Chairman and forest expert.

  • Topic: guided tour of a mixed and structured stand of deciduous trees. The permanent forest management of this stand has been applied since 1986 and this observation plot was established in 1998.

Trip to Champlalot forest, guided tour of AFI observation plot n°151 in Champlalot by Christophe Pichery, forest manager, AFI vice-chairman and forest expert.

  • Subject: high quality oak stand as an example of a permanent forest stand. This plot was established in 2021 and has been managed as a permanent forest for about 15 years.
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